Aromatica™ Aurora Pearl Duo Air Purifier


Aurora Aromatica Pearl Duo Air Purifier



Housy homes Aromatica Aurora Air Purifiers have been designed to fragrance your home whilst also eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air using anion technology.
This technology works in two ways
1. Anion technology creates negatively charged ions that seek to combine with dust and allergens found in the air. These are then removed by an internal filtration system that recycles the air and returns it through a unique fragrance system.
2. The fan is the fragrance delivery mechanism to filter air through the exclusively designed fragrant pods including Housy homes Active Air® technology, this removes odours by eliminating sulphides and nitrides and replacing them with the fragrance of your choice.
Housy homes Aurora Aromatica White Duo Air Purifier features a decorative white pearlescent cover and classic white base. These classic features are sure to look stylish in setting, while deodorising and perfuming your home all at once.

Three timer settings, 8, 12 and 24 hours
Fragrances areas of up to 35m2
Remote control and manual functions
Designed for use with dusk Aromatica Fragrant Pods. Sold exclusively at Housy homes.
No chemicals or heat are required.
Made from BPA free plastic.
1 year warranty.
Read detailed instructions included before use.

Product Details

Height (mm) 95
Width (mm) 275
Depth (mm) 100