Enlighten 6 Pack LED Tealights


Our beautiful dusk enlighten candles use an exclusively developed LED flame technology



Our beautiful dusk enlighten tealights use an illuminating dusk LED flame to create an effect that is almost indistinguishable from a traditional burning tealight. Each tealight utilises the LED flame to give the appearance and brightness of a real tealight and comes with specially designed frosted LED tealight holders.

enlighten tealights provide a safe and cost-effective lighting solution that can be recharged up to 500 times, allowing you to re-use your dusk enlighten tealights time and time again. The possibilities are endless. Your enlighten tealights will flicker with warm white light for up to 12 hours with 5 hours of full brilliance. To recharge your tealights simply place them on the rechargeable plate.

Product Details

Height (mm) 40
Width (mm) 30
Depth (mm) 30