Kai Black MoodMist® Diffuser


A smooth, organic tear drop shaped diffuser, illuminating light from the stylish mesh base.



The Kai Black MoodMist® Diffuser is designed to reflect an organic teardrop shape. It features a smooth, curved top and stylish mesh base. Kai’s LED lights illuminate internally from the base, creating a stylish patterned light through the mesh outer.
Kai diffuser operates manually by a push button located at the front of the unit. It has the option of two different timer settings – 1 hour and 4 hours. LED light settings have both multi coloured and static LED light settings. Kai is Housy homes first design to implement new mist chip format, this means the ultrasonic disc does not require changing.

Two timer settings, 1 and 4 hours.
Fragrances areas of up to 25m2
Turns off once minimum water levels are reached.
New format design with a unique mist chip, no requirement to replace the disc.
No chemicals or heat are required.
Made from BPA free plastic.
Use tap water to vaporise your favourite MoodMist® Fragrant Oils or Housy homes Essential Oils.
1 year warranty
Read detailed instructions included before use.

Product Details

Height (mm) 210
Width (mm) 120
Depth (mm) 120